Intelligent Systems

Bachelor Seminar - Self-organised Systems



Seminar (infBSemIS-01a)

2 SWS, ECTS studiies, ECTS credits: 4
Language of instruction: german
Time and place: online
Lecture period summer term 2021: 19.4.2021 - 9.7.2021
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The seminar is dedicated to the topic of "Self-organised Systems". In the context of this seminar, this is understood to mean sets of autonomous and technical units that work together to achieve a common goal. Different questions arise that have to be mastered.

The seminar in the winter semester 2020/21 is dedicated to the consistent, fast and reliable storage and the associated finding of content within such self-organized systems. This is examined using algorithms from peer-to-peer computing.

The seminar in summer term 2021 is dedicated to the cooperation of autonomous intelligent systems and the associated interaction patterns within such self-organized systems. This is examined using examples from autonomic and organic computing.


Learning goals

The students learn to independently acquire complex issues using the compact presentation, as is customary in scientific publications (i.e. papers, articles or specialist books) and to prepare them in an understandable form.



30 hours of participation in the seminar, 90 hours of self-study