Intelligent Systems

Curriculum vitae Reichhuber

Simon Reichhuber is a second-year PhD student working for the "Intelligent Systems" group at the University of Kiel. Together with his PhD supervisor Sven Tomforde, he came to Kiel in 2019 to address scientific and educational work. He graduated his Ma. Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Passau with a thesis about
optimal kernel-based learning methods successfully applied to the domain of additive manufacturing. The latter was the outcome of a one-year full-time job at the company EOS GmbH. Further, he was working on multiple projects related to Machine Learning during his studying.

Besides scientific work in improving representations and ML algorithms (for example in a BA thesis about a novel approximation technique for cheap representation of point sequences with proven error bound), he was involved in multiple projects of applied ML with a focus on computer vision especially in the domain of autonomous driving. In his bachelor, he studied Internet Computing and created a social platform for car sharing.

His main research fields are Meta-Learning, Autonomous Learning, and Multi-Agent Learning. As a novel learning mechanism, he introduced "bet-based learning" where instead of solving the task directly the question: "How much would you bet on a certain ML Model that solves the task" is focused.


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