Intelligent Systems

Curriculum vitae Schnuchel

Torben Schnuchel graduated with his M.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Passau. In his master thesis at the chair of Text Mining, he investigated Reinforcement Learning methods to build question answering systems.
During his masters, he joined the chair of Data Science under Prof. Michael Granitzer as a research assistant and investigated properties word2vec embeddings that were trained on a random walk on taxonomies.
he continues his work as the chair during his PhD in a project in cooperation with partners from the industry and worked on distributed data collection platforms in an IoT context.
Since March 2020 he is part of the project KIMoNo by the ministry of traffic and infrastructure and investigates methods to monitor road hazards and traffic flow using crowdsourcing techniques. In these use cases, he works on methods to enable machine learning on devices with limited compute resources. In May 2021 he joined the Intelligent Systems group at the University of Kiel under Prof Tomforde for research exchange and is investigating techniques for smart data collection in crowdsourcing scenarios during his stay.