Intelligent Systems

Project: Incident-aware Resilient Traffic Management for Urban Road (InTURN)



  • Funded by: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

  • Period: till December 2022

  • Responsible: Ingo Thomsen

Present-day control and management of urban road networks can be challenging due to overall rising traffic volumes, fluctuating demands within the network and unforeseen disturbances with varying effects.

The project "Incident-aware Resilient Traffic Management for Urban Road Networks (InTURN)" aims for the development of a self-adaptive and self-organising system: Here the incident detection and classification is constantly adjusted by an autonomous learning mechanism and supported by cooperative validation of incidents. This inherently allows for the detection of disturbed traffic sensors as well. Based on the previous work of Organic Traffic Control (OTC), InTURN will utilise the detection and cooperative validation of traffic incidents and offer suitable network-wide traffic light signalisation and route recommendations. An explicit goal is the development of a working system within the context of simulated traffic data using the commercial traffic simulation software Aimsun Next.